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New science shows that forests are the cooling organs of our living planet. Especially tropical forests have a huge cooling capacity that is not in the climate models. It is the elephant in the climate room because almost all climate scientists ignore this huge potential. This is because they work from a geo-mechanical view of the Earth instead of the paradigm, understood by most Indigenous peoples who see the Earth as a smart self-evolving being that has created her own cooling organs to create a gentle climate for life to thrive. If this science about the largely overlooked cooling powers of forests is correct, we have a way to cool the planet within a generation by between 0,5-1 C and restore a lot of biodiversity damage in the process. What’s not to like? Please watch this half hour presentation that proposes a Marshall plan to cool the planet in one generation with reforestation and judge for yourself. After that, click this button for more:

The fact that the Earth is alive, is a basic understanding of Indigenous knowledge. Now western science needs to accept it and step out of the geo-mechanical world view in order solve the crisis of life on our planet. Emerging science supports the insights that the combined cooling effect of forests is much stronger than currently understood. Forests can really cool our planet!
In this article Rob de Laet is proposing a Marshall plan to cool our planet by frontloading the regeneration of nature in the tropical zones and connecting hundreds of millions of rural poor to be rewarded to do so while restoring their own landscapes and change food production to forms of agroforestry. Please read and connect to Rob if you want to support this initiative at robdelaet@yahoo.com

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Dozens of climate action communities on this page!

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Dozens of climate action communities on this page!

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New resource:
Emotional first aid kit:

From BBC news recently:
"Young people very worried about climate change"

World Climate School offers free first aid kit

Grief, anxiety, depression, despair, anger. World Climate School introduces a free program for learning how to cope efficiently with climate change induced emotions and transform them to climate action.

The founder of World Climate School, Hans Joergen Rasmussen, is a retired psychologist with more than 30 years of practice behind him.

He developed this program to enable everyone to cope with the emotional impacts of climate change. An we can promise that it works.

The futures of humanity and the Amazon forest are linked:

It is little understood how important the Amazon Forest is for the future of humanity.

But if the forest dies back, the consequences will be dramatic and bring the whole world closer to unhabitability for future generations.

Here is an article by one of our co-founder Rob de Laet, recently returned from the area.

Picture by Ana Mendina

Other News:

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What is World Climate School?

WCS is a small organisation based in Norway, with a core team of international volunteers. We have huge ambitions: We are passionate about making climate change education go viral and involve everyone, everywhere, through a Teach-The-Teachers program.

How do we contribute?

We contribute by:

Creating local WCS groups everywhere and educating them to be able to educate others. We use Zoom for our seminars.
Creating free video based lectures, launching them on Youtube and other social media.               

Our guiding principles are simple. We call them “Teach The Teachers”: Ideally, it works like this: 1 person educates 20, 20 educate 400, 400 educate 8000, 160.000, 3,2 million, 64 million, 1,28 billion.

We have now started online groups in Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Finland, and have connected to local climate youth leaders to support climate education and action in Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South-Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Morocco and we want to open up this year in 100 countries.

Some Immediate Challenges:

Our Forests:

Our Oceans:

Our Cities:

We need you to join us!

We need more people to help us reach these goals. We only have this decade to make the transition to a sustainable future. We need thinkers, educators, organisers, social media geniuses, website artists and more…

But above all we need people passionate to make this go viral NOW! If this appeals to you: Get in touch as soon as possible.

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Skills we are looking for:

  • Passion for the climate movement and willingness to learn 
  • Teaching experience
  • Skills in slideshow creation
  • Skills in video creation
  • Skills in creating teaching material in general
  • Familiarity with social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Knowledge of general principles of accounting and finance 
  • Other management or legal skills  
  • Knowledge/skills from philosophy, psychology or science/mathematics
  • Skills in or familiarity with ICT (Information and Communications, Technology) maintenance and development 
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Willingness to work on founding a WCS chapter in home country 
  • Proficiency in English and at least one other international language
  • Good networking skills and established international network of contacts
  • Prior experience in working in small to medium sized teams or organisations
  • Transformative leadership skills


You are passionate about the climate crisis, willing to learn, and can contribute with skills matching a few of the other points above.

Estimated workload pr. week: From 4 hours and upward, depending on what is possible for you.

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