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Values, Mission and Vision:


We are stewards of our planet, standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, doing our part to make the world a more beautiful place for future generations. We work with nature and derive our passion and joy from celebrating and caring for all life in its brilliant diversity. We believe in abundant commons shared by each and every creature sharing our planet. The WCS values inclusiveness, gender and racial equality and sustainable economies.   


The WCS will consist of a financially strong system of p2p learning in at least 100 countries by 2030. The WCS system can exponentially educate and activate people by focusing on cohorts of 20 people at a time. This will happen through technology, and a deep and all inclusive transformation of economic and social values, mindsets and behaviours. It will involve everyone and support local communities in each country in mitigating and adapting to climate change. By this, it will  help create thriving sustainable communities, schools and companies for generations to come, based on the Doughnut Economics model. 


Scientists warned many years ago that CO2 emissions must be significantly reduced by 2030 and a transformation made away from continuous growth and rampant  consumption. It was in response to these warnings that the WCS was formed in the first place by Hans Joergen Rasmussen, who was later joined by other founding partners. These founding members sought to rapidly expand public awareness of climate issues and plant the seeds of hope that the crisis could be solved through purposeful action.  

The WCS is a vibrant part of a global movement of education and specific climate action plans, embracing and reconnecting to nature. An important part of WCS education are special programs aimed at children. Making all citizens engage actively in creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible through a transformation in our economic and social thinking compared to pre-Covid times. This is a necessary answer to the challenges of our time, leaving no one behind. 

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Chief Visionary

Rob de Laet

Chief Liaison Officer

Inger Mette-Stenseth

Psychology, IT and Design

Hans Joergen Rasmussen

Head of Legal dept

Punam Noor

Head of Diplomacy

David Rogers

Coordinator for Africa

Rebecca Doreen Zvomarima

Head of Permaculture dept

Eliud Omutanyi

Chief Presenter

Rituraj Phukan

Head of global livestock care

Humera Iqbal

Chief of Creative Structures

Ann-Heidi Paulsen Orvik


Your power and passion

Guardian of the new world

Tone Lanzillo

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