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- Action Now!

Watch this 27 second fragment of Greta's speech. The window of opportunity to avert a climate catastrophe is slamming close soon. Watch the video and scroll down to see where you can activate yourself.

We either act this decade fast and globally now or we are dooming ourselves to a century of death and destruction. Hereunder there are 24 movements big and small (yes, there are many more) with global reach that are going to do what our leaders fail to do: ACT AT THE SIZE OF THE CHALLENGE! Join, play your role, talk, share, invite people. Only if we activate millions upon millions around the world to start change and protect our own communities, we have a chance. Think Globally, Act Locally Now! Please share this page on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

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Extinction rebellion
Now What
Doughnut Economics
The Climate Mobilization
Subject To Climate
The Sunrise Movement
The Climate Reality Project
World Climate School
Climate Action Network International
Regeneration International
Global Ecovillage Network
Guardians Worldwide
Metamorphosis Facebook Group
Climate Change & Consciousness
Ecosystem Restoration Camps
Regen Network
Fridays For Future
Global Regenaration Corps
Humanity Rising
Global Landscapes Forum
Regeneration Network
Alliance For Climate Education