What we do

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It is up to you!

What we do in the near future is up to you!

Only if hundreds of millions of people become activists to fight climate change and the destructive force of the current global economy with education and compassionate action, are we able to save the situation.

We all are responsible for the future of the planet, ourselves, the young ones, future generations and the beautiful species we share our planet with, including many that are at the point of extinction through the carelessness of our behaviour.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash 

WCS is focusing on:

  • Urgency

    We only have around a decade to solve the problems. Therefore we need an avalanche of awareness raising - rapidly. Our Teach-The-Teachers system is an effcient tool.

  • Totality

    We need a total transition, including transition of our lifestyle, values, thought patterns, consumptiton patterns, eating habits, economy, behaviors and much more.

  • Optimism

    We believe we can do it, but we need everyone on board. Fast. We also believe that a much better world than the one we have created is possible. And we have to start creating it. Together. Now.

  • Connectedness

    We need to reconnect with nature and all living species. We need a deep recognition of our dependance on all species and all living processes on the planet, and start acting accordingly.

  • Action

    We have no more time to discuss. Action now is vital if we want to prevent a global climate and environmental disaster. Education must lead to action in order to be useful.

  • Youth

    We believe that the young generations must lead the transition process. And that everyone else need to inspire and support them. We need a huge army of young climate warriors and climate ambassodors.

We are currently working with local chapters in:

  • Turkey

  • Pakistan

  • India

  • Bangladesh

  • Zimbabwe

  • Nigeria

  • Kenya

  • Uganda

  • Finland


Together with SDG´s Academy Pakistan we have finalised a pilot project in Pakistan, based on contributions by us and teachers from Pakistan. Participants were teachers, staff and higher grade students from The Meritorious school.The results of this pilot project is that SDG´s Academy via their connections have made a plan to reach out to a huge network of schools in Pakistan with this program. This project is planned to run from the middle of May till the end of august this year, and will include signing legally binding contract for our collaboration and having our course approved by a Certification Body in Pakistan. 


In India we have finalized a first round of 12 sessions with about a dozen participants, among which several engineers. The last few sessions we talked about implementing climate education projects which started and increased several projects in several states involving several schools. The projects were all halted due to the COVID crisis but we hope they can be revived from July onwards. The team leader of WCS got severe COVID together with his family and we need to await his recovery


A Bangladeshi person with Climate Reality Leadership background has joined our team. She is a migrant, living in Finland, and has a background in law – especially environmental and arctic law. Recently she has started a WCS program in Bangladesh, having success with motivating teachers from her former university to include climate change and environmental law in their teachings. In addition she is working on a second batch which includes teachers from many different fields.


Because one of our core team members, Inger-Mette Stenseth, had a background living in Zimbabwe, she at a very early stage of our joint venture established a NGO with focus on climate education in Zimbabwe. The person in charge of this NGO has now also become member of our core team in Norway. This person is very passionate about our course, and has a teachers background. She has also taken on the task of being coordinator for our work in Africa. But as you probably know, Zimbabwe is extremely poor, and being able to donate a laptop to her has high priority in our team. The same goes for our representative in Kenya:


In Kenya we have a very enthusiastic teacher who is already giving climate education combined with school and village projects of tree planting and permaculture practices.

If you cannot participate in our work, please consider donating:

If you don’t have time to educate or do direct action on climate change, we are of course grateful for donations. Our main necessities are for educational materials, internet capabilities and very modest salaries of climate teachers in African countries.

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